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[episode 60] Your PV and Retention Trends in 2 Easy Steps

Mar 24, 2022

“What area should focus on most when it comes to growing my PV numbers?” 

It’s one of the questions you guys ask me the most. And the answer? It truly comes down to the data. Nothing in practice is one-size-fits-all.

Today I have a quick, tactical tip episode that will show you how to see your PV and retention trends in 2 easy steps, AND I PROMISE — it’s not nearly as cumbersome and scary as you might think it is!

What you’ll learn in the process:

  • What strengths you should amplify
  • What patient type you should start filtering out
  • How you can view trends to find your sweet spot in practice… in only 1 hour

If the thought of charting data and analyzing trends makes your palms sweat, this is definitely an episode you’ll appreciate.


So much of building your dream practice revolves around mindset, but when so much is unknown it can be hard to see the steps between you and your vision. How do you get there?...

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[episode 59] The 2%: Lauryn Brunclik

Mar 18, 2022

The 2% is a new segment on Illuminate Your Practice that shines a spotlight on the female chiropractors that have climbed their way to 7-figure success in practice. 

Did you know that 30% of businesses are owned by women, but only 2%— yes, 2%! — break a million dollars in annual revenue? 

So I wanted to create a space to satiate our craving to peek “behind the curtain” of these female-owned practices that rose to the 2%. 

First up, we have a fellow podcaster and my dear friend: Dr. Lauryn Brunclik! 

Dr. Lauryn graduated from Northwestern in 2010 and has spent the last 11 years starting 3 cash, high volume pediatric practices, raising 2 strong willed & empowered daughters, and starting the podcast She Slays the Day— one of the most downloaded chiropractic podcasts around. 

Creating a million dollar cash practice in a low population, low socioeconomic area has forced Dr. Lauryn to perfect patient...

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[episode 58] Let Your Body Take the Lead

Mar 10, 2022

This week on the pod, I’m going to take you through a guided exercise that directly correlates to the confession session of last week. 

In full transparency - I had a little bit of a vulnerability hangover from last week’s episode.  But before I knew it, the DM’s started rolling in on Instagram to let me know that the message definitely resonated and was something we’ve all struggled with in this chiro world. 

So where do we go from here? It’s time to turn our pain into power - and we’re gonna let our bodies give us the answers we need.


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Applications for the Illuminated Squad are now open, but we only have 4 spots available in March. 

We take a logical and heart-centered approach to reviewing your application and if we're not confident the Squad will get you the return you're...

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[episode 57] Our profession is stuck. Here’s why…

Mar 03, 2022

We’re back for season 2, and to begin— I have a confession to make.

I have massive issues with community in Chiropractic. 

(Believe me, I know how wild that sounds given my businesses)

It took an extended hiatus to come to grips with an eye-opening realization about the state of our profession. One that I’ve felt beneath the surface for some time but could never really put into words. 

Have certain experiences in our industry left you feeling judged? I’m here to shine a light on the fact that those experiences MATTERED and they might be holding you back from what and who you want to be in chiropractic. 


Have you heard...? Applications for the Illuminated Squad are now open, but spots are very limited! 

So if you've been sitting back watching all the growth wondering "I wonder if that would happen for me..." or "is it the right time for me to invest in myself and my practice...?" know that the new application process...

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[episode 56] Reflecting to Recommit: 5 Lessons Learned in 2021

Nov 25, 2021

It’s the season 1 finale… so you know it’s going to be a juicy one. 

After getting the BIG question last weeked, “What would you credit all your success to…?” and finding myself cringing after my generic response of “well, hmm..lots of hard work I suppose,” I realized it was time to seriously reflect on what worked, and what didn’t. 

So this week’s episode is all about reflecting on lessons learned in order to recommit to focusing on the RIGHT things in 2022. 

These are the 5 biggest things I credit to getting me to where I am today…

...and  a lot of them go against everything you’ve been told before.

But this is real life. There is no “one size fits all” approach to success. 

It’s about who YOU are, and what YOU learned. 

So I hope you use this episode as a framework for you to reflect on what your keys to success are and how you can do...

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[episode 55] High Profitability, Low Stress w/ Dr. Margie Smith

Nov 18, 2021

Dr. Margie Smith joins me on the podcast this week to talk through how you can achieve the “impossible:” HIGH profitability with LOW stress.

She’s known for her clear, outgoing style of communication and helping chiropractors transition into the cash-based practice of their dreams. 

She’s going to walk us through her simplified model of a MicroPractice.

And trust me, it’s NOT what you’re thinking it is.

Her perspective is very different from anything I’ve heard before … but I think it may be the future of chiropractic for a lot of women. 

So excited to highlight a different path to practice success – because she has clearly paved one. 

This is going to be such a mind-blowing episode for a lot of us, you don’t want to miss this one.

Connect with Dr. Margie:
Facebook - @
Instagram - @
Website -

Watch the Master Class Videos here - ...

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[episode 54] Be honest, are you making this mistake?

Nov 11, 2021

This week’s “mindset moment” may sting a little. 

I’m going over one of the BIGGEST mistakes I see chiropractors make when they’re not seeing the growth they desire in their practice...

…and the simple solution you need to get back on track. 

You can NOT ignore this reality if you want to improve your practice profitability. 

I’m going to be blunt, straightforward … and may even stir the pot a bit with this one. 

BUT sometimes the stir-the-pot-things are the ones that help us the most. 

Let me know your thoughts in our free facebook group

And just a reminder, there are only 2 episodes remaining in season 2 and then I’ll be back in January 2022. 


Can you help us reach our goal of 100 reviews before the end of the year? Shoot me a message on Instagram after you leave one and I’ll send you some free chiro swag! 

Ready to join the Illuminated Squad - a...

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[episode 53] Honoring Dr. Delta Stark

Nov 04, 2021

I have had the immense blessing of coaching Delta Stark for nearly 5 years. 

She was a true caregiver, a phenomenal friend, a strong warrior, and a savvy business woman. 

She was one of the most loving souls I have ever met, one taken way too soon.

Today we honor her & the legacy she built in just 29 short years.

If you’re enjoying the podcast can you help us reach our goal of 100 reviews?? 

  • I’m sharing them live on the show and will send you chiro swag! Just send me a DM on Instagram after you do! 

How to work with me:

Interested in joining me on the podcast? Reach out to me here

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[episode 52] Marketing to the Right “Ideal Patient Avatar”

Oct 28, 2021

In this weeks’ episode we dive into one of the questions you submitted in a recent Instagram poll: 

“How do I only market to my Ideal Customer Avatar?” Or in our case, our Ideal Patient.

And my answer might surprise you… as it probably goes a little against some of the advice you’ve heard in the past. 


  • What you need to think about BEFORE you craft your ideal patient avatar 
  • How to put yourself in their shoes for your marketing 
  • How to make the most of your marketing dollars 

And remember, if you have more questions or topics you want me to cover on Illuminate your Practice, please feel free to shoot me a DM – I’d love to cover it for you.

If you’re enjoying the podcast can you help us reach our goal of 100 reviews?? 

  • I’m sharing them live on the show and will send you chiro swag! Just send me a DM on Instagram after you do! 

How to work with me:

  • Learn about...
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[episode 51] Growing Your Practice from The Inside Out

Oct 21, 2021

Get out your pen and notebook… this episode is a juicy one! 

I’m covering every step I took to go from 100 patient visits a week to 300 as a solo doc.

And spoiler alert…

It’s the Inside Out Practice Success Framework we take every new member of the Illuminated Squad through. 

The framework that’s helping each squad member collect $6,253 more per month than they were last year.  

Here are all the steps I talk about in the episode for you to screenshot:

  1. Evolve your outward facing marketing & messaging 
  2. Focus on team and personal development 
  3. Improve your intake and daily communication
  4. Analyze your effectiveness at day 1 and day 2
  5. Audit your patient care plans & process 
  6. Clean up your finances & simplify your offerings 
  7. Implement consistent progress exams
  8. Transition to wellness care & pricing     

Join us in the Illuminated Squad and we’ll go through all of this for your...

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