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Constructing a Community Talk to Get Results, Part One: The Framework

Sep 04, 2019

Public speaking can be one of the best ways to get your name into the community. Not only will you get to meet more people and form real connections, but you’ll also be able to serve them by offering valuable information.

You might be thinking, though, “But Krysti, I don’t know how to give a talk!”

Before you go running for the hills, hear me out! I’ve given countless talks over the past 12 years throughout my chiropractic career, and I’ve given many more as a public speaker within the industry to other doctors, chiropractic assistants and other key audiences. I want to share some of my insider tips with you because I know speaking can help your business grow.

We’re starting in this first post of the series by giving you a framework you can apply to any type of talk. You could use this for potential patients or maybe another type of audience (even an audience or topic outside of chiropractic) to make an impact in your community. Next week...

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Why Females Struggle with Male Coaching

Aug 22, 2019

Sounds controversial, right? Believe me, it doesn’t have to be. Think back for a minute to any part of your schooling. Did the guys in your class learn differently from the ladies? Chances are, they probably did.

An important note: I am NOT saying that men or women have to learn different things, have to achieve different things or are otherwise unequal. I do, however, believe that men and women learn differently from one another, and science supports this: our brains are wired differently. Got it? Okay, let’s go!

Men Are Like Waffles

If you’ve ever listened to a man faced with a problem, you’ve probably overheard one of these  or some variation:

“Just tough it out.”

“Push through it.”

“Man up.”

Sound familiar? I thought so. Men often choose to power through a tough situation, whether it’s a pile of work or a challenging puzzle, without really giving it much thought. While women certainly can power through tough...

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The 3 Non-Negotiable and Innate Characteristics of a Powerhouse CA

Jul 05, 2019

In 12 years of practice, I have had a total of 24 employees.  With 4 of them still with me, that means 20 people have come and gone for various reasons. 

I know this number for a fact because I recently had to run a report from our payroll system to update some insurance documents.

Every June I run the report and I look at the names that have served River Shores Chiropractic.

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t always been the best leader and it will always remain one of the things I actively work on (if you are a team leader, this should always be on your radar too!) 

In the past, I had no idea how to hire the right people, let alone train them.

But over the past 4 years or so I became crystal clear on my mission and I began to craft my own unique leadership style.

How long your team has been there is not necessarily a badge of honor...

We have all heard so many people in Chiropractic use longevity of team members as one of the hallmark signs of a...

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Our Top 5 tips to fully embracing a real, raw, and authentic relationship

Jun 16, 2019

“You don’t need someone to complete you.  You only need someone to accept you completely.” 

I have had countless conversations about relationships in the past few years of coaching. 

Misunderstandings, support challenges, visions that weren’t aligned.

It can be difficult enough to manage your own expectations and feelings let alone consistently work towards communicating those to your partner and ending up with you both on the same page.

 My marriage has not been perfect for the past nearly 14 years.  We have had plenty of ups and downs and times where it felt like we were playing on opposite teams for a few days.

But above everything else, our relationship has always been authentic and extremely open. 

So open that last year when I brought Joe along to a few of my therapy sessions my therapist said we had a “remarkable level of communication.”

She was  in awe of how real and direct we were with each other, which...

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The secret sauce to highly creative success

May 26, 2019


We talk about it, but do we actually practice it?


I like to think of rest with the #4 definition mostly.

This mainly comes from the fact that I have learned I need to create specific environments to squash my inner diabolical plotter.

Oh yeah, you heard me right.

Just typing that out feels gross, but I don’t know how else to describe to you how easily my brain shifts into anxiety when I have BIG things coming up.

Things that will mean a lot more eyes will be on me.  Watching my every move and undoubtedly playing the comparison and judgement game (it’s human nature, friends).

But yet, this weekend, I found myself resting.  Forcing myself to create peace for my mind and spirit.

Despite the fact that I don’t feel ‘prepared’ for these big things coming up, I still found myself lounging around in an Adirondack chair in the backyard at our cabin.

 But, there's so much to do?!

Lounging usually makes me feel anxious- does it do the...

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Let your passion lead

May 12, 2019

On this Mother’s Day 2019, I find myself wanting to write about women.  All women.

I was recently having an exploratory conversation with 2 young Chiropractors who I admire greatly.

I was that person who wanted to ‘pick their brain’ on what they feel they might be missing in our profession.

One of the things they discussed with me was something that logically I was aware of, but it had never hit me emotionally quite like it did that day.

Neither of them have children yet, and they were discussing how at times this women’s movement in chiropractic can feel exclusive.  They feel like they are on the outside looking in.  They feel like it can end up coming across as a mother’s movement instead of a women’s movement.

And guess what?  They struggle with ‘balance’ just as much as women who have children because they are achievers.   They are passionate and driven and love to get things done which can lead them...

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The Challenge

Apr 29, 2019

As we transform into adults, one of the things we covet most is independence.  We are in charge of who we hang out with, the money we spend, the food we eat, the career we pursue.

We decide when, where, how… for most of the key things in our life. 

Somewhere along the way certain things we choose end up challenging us and we begin a conditioning process to look for the path of least resistance.  It’s proven brain science… but this isn’t that type of blog ;)

The path of least resistance can still be riddled with obstacles, and you can find yourself wondering how to get past them. 

That plateau with your business.

That same fight you keep having over and over with your spouse.

The unexpected parenting challenges that make you want to throw your hands up in the air and ship them off to your parents for a week? 

They all wear us down and make us feel like we are losing control.  Losing our coveted ability to choose a path that will...

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Why Illuminate?

Apr 22, 2019

2.5 years ago my life shook.

Have you ever had one of those pivotal moments that you know will change your outlook forever? 

On August 3, 2016 my Mom was babysitting for my children and drove to her neighboring home.  Minutes later she called me, so much terror in her voice, as she found my Dad face down in their entryway….blue.

 I raced to their house and frantically attempted to revive my father, but it was too late.  The paramedics came and I watched in disbelief as nothing worked. 

It was the first time in my life that mortality hit me and caused real reverence.  The first time I understood that every single day is a gift.

The first time I really felt to my core that life is so. very. short.

My Dad, who had lost some of his closest family members in early adulthood, lived every single day with this reverence.

Even though I didn’t know it at the time, looking back I can see how his behavior honored his perception every day.

My Dad was...

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