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What's Your Vision? 2020 

May 1-3, 2020
Clearwater, FL
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July 24-25, 2020
Oklahoma City, OK
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areas of expertise

  • Personal & Professional Growth
  • Mastering your Mindset
  • Leadership from the Inside Out
  • Building Connected, Effective, and Empowered Teams
  • Chiropractic Communication, Certainty, and Marketing
  • Women in Chiropractic
  • Mentoring and Developing Individuals
  • Creating a Vision and Action Plan

past events

  • Chiro Fest
  • LifeVision- Life University
  • The Illuminated Woman- One Day event for Female DCs and CAs
  • LOC Chiropractic Philosophy Group
  • League of Chiropractic Women Conference
  • Fiji on Fire Chiropractic Immersion Conference
  • Epic Impact Event- 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018
  • National Wellness Foundation 
  • Various EPOC groups & State Association meetings
  • Multiple Podcast & Virtual Summit Appearances (WDC HerStory, Chiropractic Masterclass All-Star Summit, She Slays the Day, Marketing Your Practice, The Legendary Chiropractor, The Chiro Inspired Podcast, Rockstar Doctor Moms, Practice Pros Series, The Inspired Nation etc.)

education & expertise

Logan College of Chiropractic class of August 2007

High volume pediatric and family practice since December 2007

Since 2016

Dr. Krysti Wick was asked to speak at our annual Vitalistic Chiropractic conference in beautiful Fiji Islands in June 2018.  We were looking for a speaker who could deliver first hand experience of overcoming adversity, juggling several roles that are required of a Chiropractor and Mother, and most of all, being an accomplished achiever.

Krysti delivered an enthralling presentation.  The attendees were captivated and inspired. We have asked her to speak again due to receiving many enquiries whether she would be returning.  Krysti has an important and compelling message and would add to any event that she attends.

Dr. Nick Laurie, Fiji on Fire

Event Organizer

Dr. Nick Laurie, Fiji on Fire

Event Organizer

Dr. Krysti is flat out amazing!  

She is very prompt in her communication and delivery of needed documents and finally BLEW the socks off our guests! I highly recommend her!

Dr. Paul Reed

Event Organizer

Dr. Paul Reed

Event Organizer

speaking topics:

▷ can vary from 18-90 minutes

▷ on other topics and CE options as requested

The Choice is Yours

Achieving your definition of success can be elusive for a wide variety of reasons.  Discover what it takes to commit yourself to success and take action to achieve your dreams.

Grow Down

Are you frustrated with the mixed messages of self-help gurus?  Perhaps the real message is to become the best version of ourselves rather than emulating others.  Become empowered to “grow down” into your essence to positively impact others and find personal fulfillment.

It Starts with You!

Developing, leading, and sustaining a world-class team is truly challenging.  Understanding your personal strengths and those of your team will help you build synergy and efficiency as you work together to meet your goals.

Communicating Chiropractic Your Way

Let’s face it, no one learns how to communicate the power of Chiropractic in school, yet how we convey the message of subluxation to our communities can make or break a practice.  Learn how to take your communication from mediocre to mastery.

For the past 15 years of being a chiropractor I have listened to some amazing speakers. Dr. Krysti Wick is hands down one of the most inspiring doctors I have had the privilege to hear. She leads you on a journey with her talks that has you connecting with patients on a deeper level due to an understanding how to SHOW UP as a better chiropractor. Her ability to connect with the listeners on so many levels allowed me to serve my patients on a deeper level to empower them to reach their goals.


Event Attendee


Event Attendee

Like many, I attend seminars inside the chiropractic profession seeking to improve within the four walls of my practice upon returning home. I connect best with women who "do it all," and share their secrets! The speakers that share "life hacks" and truths of the trade - Dr. Krysti is one such speaker! Dr. Krysti Wick is a chiropractor, a mother, a wife, and a leader in the profession. Her talks are real and raw, she speaks of juggling it all, and being vulnerable while creating a life by your design. Her talks are refreshing and bold, yet when she speaks, she exudes a grounded clarity! She is an influential speaker who walks her talk and delivers in abundance.


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