[episode 51] Growing Your Practice from The Inside Out

Oct 21, 2021

Get out your pen and notebook… this episode is a juicy one! 🍑

I’m covering every step I took to go from 100 patient visits a week to 300 as a solo doc.

And spoiler alert…

It’s the Inside Out Practice Success Framework we take every new member of the Illuminated Squad through. 

The framework that’s helping each squad member collect $6,253 more per month than they were last year. 😱 

Here are all the steps I talk about in the episode for you to screenshot:

  1. Evolve your outward facing marketing & messaging 
  2. Focus on team and personal development 
  3. Improve your intake and daily communication
  4. Analyze your effectiveness at day 1 and day 2
  5. Audit your patient care plans & process 
  6. Clean up your finances & simplify your offerings 
  7. Implement consistent progress exams
  8. Transition to wellness care & pricing     

Join us in the Illuminated Squad and we’ll go through all of this for your practice. 

Here’s more information about the WDC: Website + Free Facebook Group

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