[episode 59] The 2%: Lauryn Brunclik

Mar 19, 2022

The 2% is a new segment on Illuminate Your Practice that shines a spotlight on the female chiropractors that have climbed their way to 7-figure success in practice. 

Did you know that 30% of businesses are owned by women, but only 2%— yes, 2%! — break a million dollars in annual revenue? 

So I wanted to create a space to satiate our craving to peek “behind the curtain” of these female-owned practices that rose to the 2%. 

First up, we have a fellow podcaster and my dear friend: Dr. Lauryn Brunclik! 

Dr. Lauryn graduated from Northwestern in 2010 and has spent the last 11 years starting 3 cash, high volume pediatric practices, raising 2 strong willed & empowered daughters, and starting the podcast She Slays the Day— one of the most downloaded chiropractic podcasts around. 

Creating a million dollar cash practice in a low population, low socioeconomic area has forced Dr. Lauryn to perfect patient communication skills, run tight clinic systems and procedures, and dig deep into marketing that converts the ideal patient. 

In this conversation with Dr. Lauryn, we skip the fluffy stuff and go straight to the messy (yet, magical) journey that includes:

  • Defining your worth when it’s not tied to traditional productivity
  • Chasing the moving finish line 
  • Putting the work into your relationships as you outgrow versions of your former self
  • Acknowledging when you need help to reach the next milestone

If you’re looking for a flowery, optimistic episode, this won’t be the one. If you’re ready for a raw, honest chat between two 7-figure female docs, you’re in the right place (and buckle up.) 


Acknowledging you need support to get to the next milestone is one of the bravest moves you can make on your entrepreneurial journey. 

The Illuminated Squad is ready to supply you with the proven roadmap you need and the supportive community you crave.

Apply here to take your first step: https://www.theilluminatedsquad.com/apply


Show references: 

How I Built This podcast by Guy Raz

Dr. Lauryn’s episode of She Slays the Day all about PVA

Dr. Lauryn’s episode of She Slays the Day with the Fred Barge story


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