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The Power of Celebration

Dec 31, 2020

Welcome to this final episode of Illuminate Your Practice for 2020 and it is New Year's Eve. 

My content for you today is all about closing out the year in the best way possible. Honestly, when I was looking at the schedule and knew we'd have an episode that released on New Year's Eve, it was hard for me to decide what specifically I wanted to talk about with you because there's so much I love; the reflection process, the analysis process, and of course the planning process. 

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MINDSET MOMENT: Mythbusting a Popular "Motivational Quote"

Dec 24, 2020
Today we're doing a little mindset moment episode where you'll be able to get a quick tangible take away under 20 minutes to really just feed your brain what it needs to move forward towards your personal and professional goals. So I'm super excited to bring you one of those episodes as it's Christmas Eve 2020, and I thought there was no better Christmas present that I could give you!

Today it's actually going to be a little more like mindset Mythbusters; most of what I'm going to be bringing you in this particular type of episode is something that is widely recognized in the mindset and professional or personal development world as a theory or a concept that you hear.

I have a bit of a different spin on this and so this one, especially today, is a Mythbuster one for me; when I flipped this quote it was a game-changer for me. It really shifted my perspective into a much healthier way of looking at things so I'm excited to dig into that.

Before we get started I want to...

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Take Your Practice From Plateau to GROW!

Dec 17, 2020

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 The number one question in Chiropractic is growth: how to grow their practice.

I ran across an article that said anytime you ask someone about money. They will always tell you that in order to be happy. They love to make double what they make regardless of if they make 50k a year or five million a year. The answers  were double what they currently have.

So obviously growth is a hot topic but especially as we are looking into a new year and of course after the year that we've had I know that growth is on a lot of your minds. In fact, it's one of the most commonly asked questions for me.

That's why I have grown my practice to the high-volume beast that it is today....

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What I Learned From a Group of Female Millionaires

Dec 10, 2020

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We'd love for more female docs to get their hands on this greatness! Also today I have two more quick things for you. #1: We did a really fun ambassador program to kind of gear up for the podcast and we got all kinds of great insight from these amazing women in our ambassador group and we did some fun giveaways for them. And one of the giveaways was donated by Park Avenue Prints. This is pretty much the only thing at this point that I put up on my walls aside from...

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Kate Northrup Graces The Show!

Dec 03, 2020

I am so excited today to have my very first guest and she's a very special and important guest to me and many other people, so welcome Kate Northrup. 

Kate: Thank you so much for having me Krysti, thrilled to be here.

Krysti: So I would love to start with a little more snapshot of your history, and business, your passion, that kind of thing.

Kate: Yeah, so I started out in the health field actually, although I will say if I back way up, I thought I was going to be an art dealer or a museum curator. I actually have a degree in art history. But anywho, then I started a business in the network marketing industry in nutrition and I just sort of never ended up getting a job because I was running this business and it was going well and so I kind of fell into the being an entrepreneur backward. And then I was teaching these workshops all around the country; I was around this road trip with my now-husband, which was sort of our first date, but we were just like living out...

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Mindset Moment: The Impact Of Finding Your Calling

Dec 02, 2020
 I am so excited that we are keeping this roll-  I surely hope you are enjoying these episodes and you are coming away with clarity on how this podcast is going to serve you and help you move towards your goals. Today, I am going to introduce you to a different kind of episode;  so every so often I am going to do more of a mindset moment - which is going to be a quick hitter. It's always going to be less than 15 minutes because I know you're busy and those are sometimes easy and it's going to typically be something around personal growth. I want to also throw you some inspirational things and some depth things and some "let's look within" things.

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Also, our Black Friday...
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Is This Podcast For You? 4 Ways To Tell

Dec 01, 2020


Welcome! I want to start by just saying it's such an honor honestly just for you to join me and I put so much thought into this first episode because hey, like, let's be real this podcast is for you. It's not for me, and so this episode is going to be all about making sure that you're clear, you know what's in it for you as you join me on this journey, so I'm actually not going to talk about my story at all.

This first episode because I want you and I to be on this path together where we're super clear about what you can expect and you can co-create some awesome magic with me and hold me accountable to those expectations. I love that. So give me a little grace as this is episode one.  I'm so pumped to have you here before we roll into the content for today!

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The 3 Reasons My Practice Is Thriving In 2020

Dec 01, 2020
 Well, hello there everybody! Welcome back to Illuminate Your Practice. I'm so excited to talk to you about 2020. I mean, I would be remiss if I didn't say that probably most of you have listened to a whole bunch of podcast episodes this year to kind of keep you going and hear about what's happening with other people's lives, practices, businesses, and all of that. So I want to take a bit of a different spin and really talk to you about what went well this year; What was fantastic and how did I fair? How did my clients fair? And, I definitely want to do a bit of reflection back to make sure that you are looking for those same positive traits as we round out this year.
I know many of us are looking forward to just breeze-it on pass through December and welcoming 2021, but I'm always a big believer in getting quiet and listening, observing, and reflecting on all the good things so that I can learn from them. I'm going to consistently guide you through that...
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The Peaks And Valleys Of My Chiropractic Climb

Nov 30, 2020

Welcome! I'm so pumped to have you here with me! Today we're going to go into Storyland. 

 I wanted to wait and not dive into my story and really what I'd love to have you do as you are listening to my story just ask yourself what parallels you can draw and how you can use some of my lessons in your own life because hey, that's what we all do when we listen to stories.

That's the purpose of telling a story.

So I want to share a little bit more about my background, especially considering I chatted with you about co-creating the content for this and so I want you to have some context of where I'm coming from so that you know what is possible as far as things you could ask about or things you could request resources on.

So again before we jump into the content for today, I'd love to keep the conversation going: 

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Why Don't Women Ask for Help?

May 15, 2020

In the last few weeks, how many of you held up that white flag and proclaimed “SOS! I can’t do this by myself anymore!?”

And how many of you held back because… didn’t want to be seen as weak? didn’t want to bother anyone else? felt afraid of letting go and delegating tasks? 

Chances are you’d be more than happy to help out a friend or colleague if they asked you for a favor. But so few women actually ask, and instead try to do everything by themselves.

Why do we carry so much pride in getting to the finish line alone?

Why do we carry such a stigma of shame around asking for help?

We can’t seem to accept someone’s perception that we can’t do it all.. Especially when we see our female counterparts all around us tackle everything with ease (all lies...thanks, social media.)

Somewhere along the line (maybe it wove itself into our DNA over the generations?) we’ve equated asking for help with failure...

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