[episode 60] Your PV and Retention Trends in 2 Easy Steps

Mar 24, 2022

“What area should focus on most when it comes to growing my PV numbers?” 

It’s one of the questions you guys ask me the most. And the answer? It truly comes down to the data. Nothing in practice is one-size-fits-all.

Today I have a quick, tactical tip episode that will show you how to see your PV and retention trends in 2 easy steps, AND I PROMISE — it’s not nearly as cumbersome and scary as you might think it is!

What you’ll learn in the process:

  • What strengths you should amplify
  • What patient type you should start filtering out
  • How you can view trends to find your sweet spot in practice… in only 1 hour

If the thought of charting data and analyzing trends makes your palms sweat, this is definitely an episode you’ll appreciate.


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