[episode 57] Our profession is stuck. Here’s why…

Mar 03, 2022

We’re back for season 2, and to begin— I have a confession to make.

I have massive issues with community in Chiropractic. 

(Believe me, I know how wild that sounds given my businesses)

It took an extended hiatus to come to grips with an eye-opening realization about the state of our profession. One that I’ve felt beneath the surface for some time but could never really put into words. 

Have certain experiences in our industry left you feeling judged? I’m here to shine a light on the fact that those experiences MATTERED and they might be holding you back from what and who you want to be in chiropractic. 


Have you heard...? Applications for the Illuminated Squad are now open, but spots are very limited! 

So if you've been sitting back watching all the growth wondering "I wonder if that would happen for me..." or "is it the right time for me to invest in myself and my practice...?" know that the new application process was put into place to help answer all of your "is this for me" questions.

We take a logical and heart-centered approach to reviewing your application and if we're not confident the Squad will get you the return you're looking for we'll let you know. Take your first step toward more passion and profit in your practice: https://www.theilluminatedsquad.com/apply


So much of building your dream practice revolves around mindset, but when so much is unknown it can be hard to see the steps between you and your vision. How do you get there? Download this free guide to learn the top 3 actions every Female DC should take now: TheIlluminatedSquad.com/3steps


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