Is This Podcast For You? 4 Ways To Tell

Dec 01, 2020


Welcome! I want to start by just saying it's such an honor honestly just for you to join me and I put so much thought into this first episode because hey, like, let's be real this podcast is for you. It's not for me, and so this episode is going to be all about making sure that you're clear, you know what's in it for you as you join me on this journey, so I'm actually not going to talk about my story at all.

This first episode because I want you and I to be on this path together where we're super clear about what you can expect and you can co-create some awesome magic with me and hold me accountable to those expectations. I love that. So give me a little grace as this is episode one.  I'm so pumped to have you here before we roll into the content for today!

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So, what's in it for you? Why would you add this to your podcast repertoire? Because hey, I see you virtually here. I see you on how many podcasting probably already have on repeat and I know a lot of you listen to a lot of Chiropractic podcasts too so what's going to be different. What can I bring to your plate in order to create some change and some evolution for you?

So I have four bullet points for you today. I have four points that I want you to chew on and I'm going to give you some action steps as well with each of the points. Because this is going to help you really figure out if this podcast should be built into your repertoire because I'm pretty honest and I get that not everything is for everyone. So I want to start off just making sure that you know, we're on the same page and you know how this is going to serve you.

1. if you are tired of pushing so hard you are in the right place; if you are so exhausted with feeling like if it's going to be it's up to me right like that old adage if that feels, like, "holy moly, I cannot do that anymore." You are so in the right place.

So what I have seen in our profession, especially, is that so many of us are just looking for more ease and more space in our life. I mean we are obviously caring for people on such a deep level these people become such intricate parts of the mission and the journey, right? I mean all of you know, your patients your practice members, whatever the heck you call them doesn't matter to me, but they become such a piece of your family, right and just not only that but then you obviously are taking care of your actual biological family. You're taking care of your team's family. There are so many people and tasks that can end up feeling really dependent on you and it can feel heavy and it can feel like a lot. So especially this year, you know, I have seen so many DC's come to the realization that pushing so hard is not sustainable and continuing to feel like they need to subscribe to this hustle.

"I just need to do more events."

"I need to do more outreach."

"I need to do more and more and more."

Right? I mean 2020 was the perfect gift of not even allowing us to do some of those things that we normally would. So if you are looking for more ease and space; if you are looking for a completely different perspective from someone who's totally subscribed to that hustle mindset, you're definitely going to hear me talk about that mindset as more of a masculine thought process - and I really was a total guys-gal for my entire life until just recently the last few years and adopting this feminine being willing to be supported and whatnot has really revolutionized how things are happening in my life. And so that's why I'm here bringing it to you because I think so many of us need to be willing to come to that crossroads.

Consider this quote: "if it's going to be it's up to me."

While that could be empowering it can also be really toxic. It could also be really harmful to your brain, to your heart. So I'm here to help you heal you because that's the most important thing.

We can't heal and serve others if we aren't first thinking about our own healing.

I would love to invite you with this first point - - if you're nodding along with me and you're ready for a different way, I'd love to have you change whatever plays in your head that is similar to that whole, "if it's going to be it's up to me." I'd love to have you change that to, "What if it was easy? What if it was simple?" something mantra-like that if you can catch yourself in those moments, where you feel like you're holding the weight of the world and you have to push all on your own - how do you flip that in your brain so that you are willing to accept support, to seek support, and really get in flow with all of this amazing energy that is conspiring for us in our lives and not against us.

2. You are in the right place if you are not exactly sure what you want. So one of the things I talk about all the time is practicing your own way. What I've found in working with so many docs over the years is a lot of us don't even know what that is. Like, when I just ask the question."What do you want?" Most of us haven't even taken time to ask ourselves and it's hard to even know sometimes because again, we're pushing, we're moving forward, we're pushing for the sake of growth instead of really just designing a life and a practice that we love. Because for however many thousands and thousands of chiropractors there are, that's how many versions of practices there should be. I'm such a believer in that because you need to bring your whole human self to practice in order to figure out what feels good and what is really going to energize and create change for your patients because again, I have seen this proven so many times that if you actually take a moment and you build in a habit of reflection and pause and understanding.

If you build that into your habits every week, it's so much different.

You will get better results, I promise you. So if you are not sure what you even want, I'm going to be crafting content to help you dig deep and figure that out - and then I'm going to help you nurture it and you know water the seeds.

The honest truth is most of us have spent our whole lives trying to not have needs, trying to hide them because that's the societal expectation. As women especially were nurturers were caretakers, so it's our job to take care of everyone else. That's the societal undertone and so it creates this lock in our brains and in our hearts; when we're trying to figure out what we actually would want if time, space and money, and there were no limitations. We don't even know sometimes what we would design so I am so ready to give you permission to do whatever the heck you want and you know, some of you listening might be like, well Krysti, I just met you I don't need your permission, but you'd be surprised.

You would be surprised with just you know, even someone random giving you permission is so helpful. This is something again that I needed and that I have heard from my clients over and over again. Don't do it just because everyone else in our profession is going this one way if it doesn't feel aligned for you, then you have to figure out what does? Your patients will benefit from that, your family will benefit from that, but above all, you will actually create a much higher level of happiness and joy and fulfillment for yourself when you're willing to put yourself first. 

If I don't continue on this path of figuring out what give, love, serve, means to me first how the heck am I supposed to lead other people? How the heck can I be honest and vulnerable and say I'm in this with you? It's so important, you know, we have to be willing to look at our needs and to alter that societal expectation. So you're a little homework assignment for this one instead of just changing around some words is getting clear on your values. 

I don't know if any of you have done a core values exercise, but about 18 months ago or so, I read the book Dare To Lead by Brene Brown again for the second time. It's one of my favorite books. She has a great exercise in her book to help you get clear on your top two core values. (P.S.  Narrowing it down to 2 is SO hard.)

I did my two core values are integrity and intuition and when I got clear on those values and I started to use them as a litmus test as a new bar of expectation, as a lens, a filter, right? Everything went through that filter and nothing made it to the other side unless it was a "Hell, yes" on both of those accounts. This is when things really started to change for me. This is when things started to feel more congruent, they started to feel more me and it was so easy to get clear that I had been shamed into doing some things and I had allowed that to happen, in practice. 

So I want you to really get clear on what your core values are so you have a roadmap to what feels good - I know that that seems like a fluffy high-level assignment, but remember creating time for this and actually choosing to pause and think about what if it actually feels good and if it's aligned with your big picture.

Doing that with most of the decisions in your life and practice will yield an entirely different result. The vast majority of people on the planet are so busy and they're just going through the motions every single day and they're doing what they think is necessary and in a lot of times in practice, you're just running as fast as you can. It's the whole, "ready, fire, aim" mentality that we never actually take a brief time to just pause and ask ourselves if we're going to love this decision five years from now. I know you can't predict the future but this is the first step to you being willing to take action that is actually right for you.

So instead of just consuming crap, tons of content, and doing all the things that come at you, you're able to filter it down to the top one to two things that actually matter in your quest to make your practice uniquely yours and really make your life uniquely yours.

There's so much gold to be had in that thought process and I'm so excited to continue that conversation with you. So if you don't know what you want, If you're not sure what "practicing your way" means, get clear on those core values and build a habit into your week to just reflect and ask yourself some in-depth questions before you just keep running full speed towards growth or next steps or whatever. When I started to actually slow down and think, everything actually did speed up without me feeling like I had to push it all on me- right going back to number one.

3. You are in the right place and this is so for you if you're looking for insight on business and life growth from outside our profession. I'm a chiropractor, but I will say that in the last two years I have invested heavily in programs outside of our profession; and I am so pumped to bring you guests from outside of our profession. So you're going to be hearing all kinds of different perspectives that will allow you to shift the expectations of your business, your career, and again, everyone is welcome here. Whether your chiropractic student, whether you are a practicing chiropractor and owner, Doc and Associates,  it doesn't matter, and I certainly would think in the future other doctors would join us!

I hope you're going to get so pumped about seeing some other business entrepreneurial, career professional, self-growth concepts from outside our profession and integrating them into this beautiful way that you're going to create when you're thinking about your life design and your practice design.

Really to me, that's what #illuminateyourpractice is, is it's taking all of the beauty and all of the things around us and we're choosing to basically boil it down to the magic that's been inside of us all along.

So we're only choosing to adopt things that amplify that magic because that is when things really get exciting in your life and in your practice when you get so clear about what you need to say no to and what feels like a "heck, yes!" So if you're looking for some insight, some tactical strategies, reflections, and some stories from outside our profession that you can take and do what you will as far as if they apply to your life. (as well as your practice and your design) you're going to be so pumped for this journey that we are going to take.

4. You are in the right place if you want to co-create some magic with me. So here's what I've learned in coaching chiropractors since 2016 I have learned that we are a profession of many opinions.

There's a lot to be said and let's be honest, we attract many people that are okay with swimming upstream. I mean just our profession is swimming upstream, right? Nobody knows what we do and it takes time and it takes intention in order to actually start to shift the public paradigm in your community. So what I've learned in dealing with all those different personalities for so many years is the art of listening. We have gotten a bit rigid in my opinion with exactly what we think needs to happen. And, I am really pumped to be a listener for you. I am accessible, my team is accessible, and we want to hear from you as you go on this journey with us and you really shine some light onto a new way of living and a new way of practicing for yourself. I want to hear what tools and resources you need to continue that journey. So we are fully prepared to field those requests and really craft content that is customized for the journey that all of you are on now. Obviously, there's going to be thousands and thousands of unique journeys, but the cool thing is patterns emerge and you know, this is another thing that has been so clear as I've worked with so many people over the years; There are some common threads and there are some patterns and I'm really excited to hear what those look like and feel like for all of you. 

If you are excited to have the opportunity to ask for content and ask for tools and resources then definitely jump into our Facebook group.  It's called illuminated Insiders and you can jump in there and literally you can just post like an idea or something that you're looking for. And not only is there a great community already inside that Facebook group that could help, but also, my team will consider all of those things as we're crafting episodes to make sure that this is a great place for you to get whatever you need in your toolbox to keep moving forward with your own way. 

So I surely hope that after reading this. You're like, "I'm ready. I am ready and I am tired of pushing so hard."

I'm so ready to co-create some beautiful changes for this profession. So my team is on a mission to help you remember who you have always been and you will hear me talk about that throughout these episodes. I'm a firm believer that the more that you consume content that helps you strip away the layers you've adopted due to societal norms and expectations over the years the easier it will be for you to make the decisions and choose the actions that are right for you.

You so I want you metaphorically right now to think about me being on your team and literally just starting to dust off some of the gunk and grime that has built up over the years that is from the outside looking in - dimming that inner shine and I'm going to get out my squeegee and I'm going to get out whatever I need to clean that off.

And be an amazing resource in your corner to help teach you to do the same and I'm so excited to hear what that cleaning process changes in your life and in your practice so that you can truly just shine all the beautiful glory that's been in there all along and we can find it we can amplify it and you can use it to continue to climb whatever mountain you would like to climb in life and in practice, so thank you for joining me for episode 1!

"People say you're going the wrong way when it's simply a way of your own" 

- Angelina Jolie

I am going to be here cheering loudly for you to embrace your own way and tell you how frickin right it is because our profession desperately needs all of us to own our brilliance and your family and your community are going to benefit. But remember, like I said before most of all, you will benefit. I am here to help you to bring yourself to the top of the list so that you can feel nurtured and fulfilled and joyful; So you can spread that around to all the people that matter to you in your life.

Every Thursday you can be prepared to have this as part of your habits in putting yourself first, so I will catch you on the next episode. 


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