Mindset Moment: The Impact Of Finding Your Calling

Dec 02, 2020
 I am so excited that we are keeping this roll-  I surely hope you are enjoying these episodes and you are coming away with clarity on how this podcast is going to serve you and help you move towards your goals. Today, I am going to introduce you to a different kind of episode;  so every so often I am going to do more of a mindset moment - which is going to be a quick hitter. It's always going to be less than 15 minutes because I know you're busy and those are sometimes easy and it's going to typically be something around personal growth. I want to also throw you some inspirational things and some depth things and some "let's look within" things.

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"I was ready to let my license expire 2019 blew the lid off any fears or mental roadblocks I had created in my mind about what I was and I'm capable of achieving. I finally started doing life in a way that was 100% in line with me. With the support and direction of Dr. Krysti and the squad, I bought, renovated, and moved into a larger office in a three-month period, hired an associate, AND hit 500k in collections, which was my three-year goal." - Dr. Casey Long
I really encourage you to go check it out. Humbly, I'm going to tell you I'm doing things differently than what I've ever seen in coaching, training, practice management companies. We really focus more on who you are and the women in the squad would be more than happy to chat with you about what we're bringing. So just let me know if that's of interest to you can shoot me a DM.

So on our last episode, we talked about the joyful things that came from 2020 the blessings, the Silver Lining, right? And one of the biggest things that I saw in my own journey and clients' journeys with regard to ending 2020 in a place where we could be really grateful, was a focus on personal growth. Now, this is pretty much a tenant of mine. I firmly believe that the more you focus on yourself and your own personal change and evolution practice growth becomes easier and easier and easier.

Now that does not mean that the personal stuff is easy because you know dealing with our history and our limiting beliefs, which I like to call security blankets, that's hard. It takes work and it is something that you have to be really dedicated to and often times having a great guide is something that is helpful in this process. But I can tell you every time we have seen a dramatic change in our practice it was because my whole team was focused on personal growth. I don't hire people that aren't willing to go through this process with me because that is how important it is. If you want to become a part of the River Shores Chiropractic team you have to be pumped about reading personal growth books and doing exercises, and learning about strengths, and Enneagram, and Myers-Briggs, and all the other things because I'm a complete nerd about that stuff. So I can tell you with complete certainty, I literally could take a spreadsheet of my practice metrics and I could literally circle for you areas where I was more dedicated to personal growth for myself and leading my team through personal growth, and it is always reflected in the stats.

When I become complacent about it, things change in our practice. So again, I know that that seems like it might be simple like, "oh that's easy for you to say" - you'd be surprised how many people are not dedicated to that part in conjunction with their business - they're just so focused on the next right action step that they don't even know why they're doing it in the first place.

So I want to give you just a quick hitter nugget today from my journey in 2020 something that really really helped me this year was to get really clear on my calling. Could you write down one sentence that was very crystal clear? Anyone would be able to take that sentence and see how you live that out in every aspect of your life? What I have seen with women in my close circle is we have an idea of what our calling is, but it wouldn't necessarily come out with ease, it probably would be long; potentially more like a paragraph with multiple different facets.

Getting it down to just a specific sentence is something that most of us have never really spent the time to do. I have known for several years that a big part of my mission is facilitating healing for healers; So facilitating healing for people just like you. I get so much joy and fulfillment when I can live out my passion of just being a conduit to help with learning and perspective for people around me. It's not about me teaching per se it's way more about asking questions and being that little double tap on the shoulder of "have you ever thought about it this way? Or what if you were to try this?" And again, it's so much more about leading to your own conclusion.

So take it that one step deeper, facilitating healing for healers, has always been on my radar but living that out over the last several years in coaching has been honestly the truest form of what I think I am put on this planet to do; every time I helped a woman have an "aha moment" where she actually leads herself to her own truth. I literally envisioned all the families that she's serving in her practice. I envisioned her family. I envisioned her team and to me, that's the ultimate adjustment. I literally am thinking about the ripple effect that that creates.

I've plenty of words for this and my guess is that you have plenty of words too and the thought of getting it down to a sentence probably feels a bit daunting. So what I did this year, I was introduced to this concept of getting it down to a sentence by my mentor Kate Northrup and I was at a mastermind with her this year. She actually is being coached by an amazing woman named Rah Goddess who wrote a book called The Calling and Kate introduced our Mastermind to this book and to some of Rah's teachings this year in order to help us get clear on our one sentence.  One of the things that I can extract and say, one of the easiest ways to start boiling down you're calling into a sentence is to sit down and do some journaling about all of the times in your life that you have very fond memories where you felt truly alive. You can remember the passion and you know the alignment and how much it came with that situation because you are truly just operating out of who you are meant to be and she encourages you to go all the way back to the beginning like go to your childhood and move forward.

When I did that I got really clear that my calling is to help women remember who they've always been.

Still to this day, when I just said that, I got goosebumps because it resonates with me so deeply on a cellular level it literally feels like the universe is giving me a physical response to reinforce that I'm on the right path that I need to keep. This sentence at the forefront of every decision I make in both of my businesses and in my personal life. This year has been that personal decision with regard to like how I parent and how I show up as a wife and how I show up as a leader in the practice with my team and as a friend. 

I invite you to start the process by sitting down and writing out all the times you can remember in your life where you truly felt alive and then ask yourself if there is some sort of golden thread that weaves through those experiences where you can extract a premise for your passion and you can get it down to a crystal clear sentence that now represents your calling the amount of ease.

You will feel once you have this down on paper its unparalleled. And if you can take this with yourself first and foremost and then introduce this to maybe a group of women as an accountability group or something. You can take this to your team. You can take this to your relationship and this is would be a fun at-home date night idea and understanding each other on that level is so freaking cool.

This is one of those things where I really would love to know what you come up with so please jump into the free Facebook group Illuminated Insiders and post your calling sentence so we can celebrate together because the more we can highlight these amazing things the easier it is for us to perpetuate and tell the universe what we want more of; this is going to help the universe know what to bring you more of, what truly brings you joy, and what allows you to live out your passion every single day.

I'm going to leave you with a quote as I always do,

"There is nothing as certain as silence, stillness, and solitude to introduce you to the secrets of yourself."

So let's again celebrate 2020 today it gave us plenty of silence and solitude in some cases for us to just reacquaint ourselves with our depth and this is one way for you to take that to the next level - really understand how you operate and be willing to share this with the people that love you most so they can understand how to support your journey as you are living out your passion. 



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