MINDSET MOMENT: Mythbusting a Popular "Motivational Quote"

Dec 24, 2020
Today we're doing a little mindset moment episode where you'll be able to get a quick tangible take away under 20 minutes to really just feed your brain what it needs to move forward towards your personal and professional goals. So I'm super excited to bring you one of those episodes as it's Christmas Eve 2020, and I thought there was no better Christmas present that I could give you!

Today it's actually going to be a little more like mindset Mythbusters; most of what I'm going to be bringing you in this particular type of episode is something that is widely recognized in the mindset and professional or personal development world as a theory or a concept that you hear.

I have a bit of a different spin on this and so this one, especially today, is a Mythbuster one for me; when I flipped this quote it was a game-changer for me. It really shifted my perspective into a much healthier way of looking at things so I'm excited to dig into that.

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So the quote I have for you today that we are going to mythbust that is perpetuated; I mean all over the place you've heard this a million times is, "In order to move forward, you just have to get out of your own way."

If you've heard that quote, it's everywhere. It's constant. And I remember when I first started committing myself to this personal growth process in order to really move my life forward, my practice forward, you can go back and listen to my story if you want to hear more about where the motivation for that came from. I remember when I started ravenously reading self-help books and consuming tons of online content videos, motivational things, and this particular thought popped up a lot. It was basically when you are working on your mindset if your mindset is stuck in a difficult pattern then essentially the thought process is, is that you're just consistently in your own way of moving towards your goals moving towards a different way of life.

For years, I used this in conversation, I would say even in my first few years of coaching, this was something that I would discuss with people - this concept of well, you're choosing a mindset that is in the way. Now those words give me a body reaction because honestly if you think about it, that is such a black and white way of thinking. If mindset work was that easy of just choosing a different perception there certainly would not be as many coaches and professional speakers and authors out there. I personally think at this point if we were to mythbust that, if we were to say,  it's just as easy to get out of your own way, and then you can just move forward.

That is a hustle way of looking at things; oh, you just need to check this off your to-do list, and then you'll just be able to move forward. I personally think that the more honest we are with ourselves about how deeply rooted these patterns are and how fundamentally specific our personalities are if we can get honest about that, it's very easy to see that this is 100% a myth. You cannot snap your fingers and just decide to have a different outlook. However, if you really think about it, if you can shift your mind into a more surrender-type thought process you're going to surrender to your current way of being because there's so much good in there that we just have to nurture.

So instead of looking at it as I need to check off changing my mindset as a to-do item so "that I can get out of my own way"? What if you thought about it as, you are your own way, you are the way. That is where your power is nurtured, it's honored, it's recognized, so that if you do feel that you are not bringing the best parts of yourself to your day, you're not bringing the very best part of your perception to each type of project, goal, aspiration, every week.

Now we can look at it and say, "why am I choosing a certain part of myself to use in this perception moment." "Why am I not picking the best parts of me and applying those to this particular situation?" And, "how do I use how I'm innately wired to really be the way past this obstacle?" instead of saying, "oh I just need to out of my own way."

In my life for the first few years of this growth journey, I listen to a lot of thought processes that were specific about like perfectionism type A, overachievers, because that's pretty much my MO. I listen to a lot of talking about in order for you to rock it forward towards your highest purpose, your highest level professionally, you're going to have to just stop being a perfectionist and stop wanting to overachieve. As in, you're getting in your own way by worrying about those things.

Now, I have to say that in some cases that is true. However, what happened for me is I consistently then every day was basically trying to just shut out a huge part of how I'm innately wired. I was learning that I needed to just get out of my own way and I just needed to forget that part of me. When I finally realized that that part can be extraordinarily helpful when harnessed, when understood, and when directed appropriately. When I'm very aware of if I'm using it in a healthy way versus a very meticulous-over-exaggerated way, when I started to really look at it and say I'm not going to be able to just pretend that this part of myself doesn't exist. So, therefore, I need to learn about that part of myself. I need to understand where it comes from, what my triggers are when I'm using it in an unhealthy way, why I potentially would continue that same unhealthy path for a longer period of time. So that essentially changed the entire way that I looked at my goals and my process towards those goals because instead of just feeling like I had to cut a part of myself off, I instead said, how do I look at this as a strength that I can choose to surrender to while simultaneously developing so that I have a healthy relationship with every part of myself.

So my little assignment for you today is to spend some time as you are planning for 2021 learning about yourself go and take the Gallup Strengths Finder test and read more about your top five strengths. They also have amazing videos on YouTube where you can look up Gallup plus your strength use, each of those top five words, and just listen about how you're innately wired so that you can harness your power and you can be your own way.

Take the Myers-Briggs assessment and I also love the Kolbe assessment. So for those of you that are in the current world of Enneagram obsession, I'm an Enneagram One. So if you know anything about the Enneagram world go back to that example, I just gave you, and basically thinking that I was in my own way was physiologically making me feel like I needed to just abandon who I was born to be an adopt in a completely different person. I personally think that development for yourself is about growing down into who you innately are, who you've always been that you have forgotten along the way, that you have allowed society to tell you is wrong or not fitting or too much or not enough. We have basically spent every week of our life suppressing more and more of our innate greatness. And when you adopt the thought process that you're getting in your own way, if you're not moving towards a goal fast enough, you now are imposing that same societal issue on yourself.

Instead, this mantra of, "I am my own way." - it's so powerful for you to have that visually and audibly around you so that every day when you sit down to work towards your goals you are thinking about how you have what it takes and so I'm going to leave you today with my own quote that says,

"The moment you recognize that you have what it takes to forge your own way towards your goals is the moment you've already won because you are your own way."

Take the time to learn more about the qualities that you bring to this world and let's commit together in 2021 to strengthening those traits even further so that you can bring your full greatness to the table for whatever your heart desires next year and beyond because I guarantee if you can surrender to the fact that you have what it takes anything is possible for you next year.

You just have to believe and I'm here rooting you on every step of the way!

Have a fantastic holiday from my family to yours!



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