[episode 25] MINDSET MOMENT: Is "Doing Your Best" Actually Harmful?

Apr 22, 2021

“Just do your best!”... right?

What could be wrong with that gentle little encouragement?

My therapist pressed me, “Krysti, what would happen if you DIDN’T do your best? Or if your team and family weren’t doing their best? Would their value change in your eyes?”

Um. Well.

Now that my eyes are open to it, I can’t seem to look away.

Are we not worthy if we’re not always giving our “best”?  How can we—humans—be expected to always be ON and perform as if that’s commonplace? What kind of message are we sending to our children and teams if we only want them in a conditional fashion?

Follow along in this Mindset Moment episode as I attempt to evolve this narrative.

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