[episode 26] Insider Tips for Recruiting Phenomenal Team Members (from Two Veteran CA's)

Apr 29, 2021

Get an exclusive peek inside the Illuminated Squad with this Guest Experts coaching call!

We were joined by two veteran CA's, Cami Wilson and Miranda Williams, who have a combined 17+ years working in chiropractic.

We dig into all things surrounding finding and hiring the right team members. Ones that are passionate about chiropractic and growing themselves within practice. 

Our call wraps up with a Q&A session with Cami and Miranda, where questions are addressed like:


  • What should you write in a job listing to attract the right candidates?
  • How are the best CA's wired? 
  • How do you show your CA appreciation in a way that resonates with them?
  • What are the non-negotiables when you are trying to find a long-term fit?



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