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I'm Krysti

I grew up in a small Wisconsin town where I discovered my passion for making a difference in the lives of others.  Of course when I was younger sometimes that difference wasn’t a good thing – like with my sister who found my talent of procrastinating until she ended up doing most of the chores not so endearing. Fortunately as I have matured I’ve learned that my talents can be used to create positive changes in the lives of others, and my passion for helping has continued to grow.

About Krysti

most days...

...you’ll find me doing the coaching thing, in my office or on the phone, about a wide range of topics from natural health to growing a business.  The variety of challenges presented as I get to dig in to each unique story and dynamic fuels me, and I strive to provide the most positive growth experience through caring and sharing my wisdom.

Sometimes I get so wrapped up with a coaching session that I literally have to run through the rest of my day, but it’s those connections that I value the most.

in my community...

...I’m known for helping patients, colleagues, and community groups.  Of course, I’m also known as Mom and “that lady who helps in the school health room”, as well as a few other descriptions from my kids – both my own and those from the families I serve I’m sure ;)

People would most likely describe me as...

ambitious, driven and committed (some days I think I should be based on my crazy schedule).  Balancing my drive, however, I think they would also say that I am compassionate, caring, and have an innate talent of knowing how to take them from where they are on their journey to the next level in becoming their best personally and/or professionally.

I love serving the world by...

helping others find the best version of themselves and helping them become more successful so they can positively impact others in their lives.  This passion I have for personal and professional growth, living a natural lifestyle, and making a difference – one individual at a time, is truly who I am. It allows me to live the best version of my life; one where I truly make a difference by helping people identify their unique talents and collaborate with them to design the life they desire through coaching, teaching and inspiring them to be the best version of themselves.    

Want to know more about me?

  • I'm an Introvert

I’m actually an introvert. There are still times I wish I had a vomit bucket prior to speaking… it’s. not. cute. 

  • Who run the world?!

One of my favorite titles is CEO. I’m the CEO and a family chiropractor in our multi-female Doc high volume practice in small town Wisconsin.  Our practice has grown over 500% in the past 6 years with no signs of slowing down. (even though the COVID madness had us trying to catch our breath a bit!) #youarenotalone

  • Favorite TV show

I still laugh out loud at most episodes of Friends. I mean the turkey stuck on Joey’s head?! Come. On!

  • My best title

Another title I can’t live without- Mommy. Keaton (age 7), and Kyla (age 3) are the best things that have ever happened to me. (Well, besides my hubby Joe who I met in a yahoo chatroom when I was a teenager- no joke).

  • LOL

Speaking of Joe, he surprises me often with ridiculous craigslist purchases. Yes, he owns a commercial slush puppy machine (insert eye roll emoji)

  • My experience

I honed my skills as a thought leader and coach for one of the largest chiropractic training companies for the better part of 3 years.


  • Straight up embarrassing :)

My adult beverage of choice is Blue UV Vodka. Just by sharing this fact alone, you know I really have gotten over my fear of judgement.   (Yes, get your jokes out about dorm room libations now!)

  • Just me...

Multiple women have called me their “Rachel Hollis of Chiropractic.” I still to this day struggle to understand it because I’m just me. I put my head down, I work hard, and I’m honest and vulnerable along the way. I’m not afraid to tell you about my mistakes and I never ever stop growing. I still have so much to learn, but that is what makes me authentic enough to connect with you!


I'm not a guru.  I'm a female Doc just like you who has traveled multiple paths and finally am on a congruent journey to MY vision. 


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