The Key to Practice Growth that No One Ever Talks About (TACTICAL TIP)

Mar 01, 2020

This microblog today is brought to you by a key to practice growth that seriously no one ever talks about… 


There are so many things in practice that need to be done on repeat in order to create success.  

One of the biggest things?

Communicating the big picture.  

The ADIO message. 

The why behind detecting and correcting subluxations. 

In the past year, I have spent a lot of time thinking about this concept as I have led 50+ coaching clients towards practice growth. 

I am constantly analyzing what systems/procedures and structure I have put in place in my practice so I can relay the WHY behind each and every strategy. 

One of the biggest things we scrutinized in my practice over the past year was our ability to communicate the chiropractic message to our existing patients in many new and inventive ways. 

In early 2019 this led us to implementing a “Question of the Week” in our practice. 

We took this old chiro concept and made it new by gamifying it (because our patients love competition!)

Every single week we choose a new question and place it on our chalkboards and dry erase boards throughout the office.  Our patients are aware that when they ask us the question and we discuss it, they are then eligible to put their name into a drawing each week for a gift card. 

This has had a tremendous impact on our table talk and one year later, patients are still asking about this every. single week!


The people that ask the most?  The kids…. 

The benefit of that?

If you can explain it to a 6 year old… the adults listening are much more likely to understand it in a way that will allow them to repeat it and to share the message!

So hey, if you feel you may be forgetting to remind your patients about what’s at stake this is a quick strategy you can implement to get back to the WHY behind each and every touch point of communication in your office.  😊

Happy implementing,



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