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May 12, 2019

On this Mother’s Day 2019, I find myself wanting to write about women.  All women.

I was recently having an exploratory conversation with 2 young Chiropractors who I admire greatly.

I was that person who wanted to ‘pick their brain’ on what they feel they might be missing in our profession.

One of the things they discussed with me was something that logically I was aware of, but it had never hit me emotionally quite like it did that day.

Neither of them have children yet, and they were discussing how at times this women’s movement in chiropractic can feel exclusive.  They feel like they are on the outside looking in.  They feel like it can end up coming across as a mother’s movement instead of a women’s movement.

And guess what?  They struggle with ‘balance’ just as much as women who have children because they are achievers.   They are passionate and driven and love to get things done which can lead them to burnout. 

I ended up candidly telling both of these on fire young Docs that I had no interest in creating a community of only Mom Docs.

 But, aren't you a Mom?!

I get it, right about now you are scratching your head thinking….this is an interesting blog post for Mother’s Day ;)

But here’s the thing, I have to be honest that helping Mom Docs with the balance between their kids/family life and the office is NOT why I decided to work with women.

Any age, any family dynamic, any professional situation….I find women more aligned with my heart. 

I find myself being able to show my hand in the most vulnerable and genuine way possible with women.

And the right women, the women that were destined to stand beside me, read my hand loud and clear.

 Work-Life Balance Impacts us all... 

Realistically, if you look at the trajectory of my career it hasn’t really been ‘traditional.’

Before I had Keaton 7 years ago, I was exactly like those young Docs I mentioned above.  I used to go to the office every single weekend.  I hustled my butt off, at times for super limited results, but I kept going!

I ran myself into the ground and I got up to the highest weight of my life in 2011 by using food as my coping mechanism.

Then, not too many years into motherhood, I took on another essentially full time gig which left our family scrambling.  Joe and I had 3 full-time demanding careers between the 2 of us, not including parenting our then 4 year old and 9 month old.  Cracks in our plan became gaping holes… and we made the decision for Joe to leave his career.

Now, our household is exceptionally untraditional.

I’m not a Mom’s Mom. 

I never struggled with wanting to bring my infants to the practice with me.

I don’t worry myself to death anymore when I have to travel for business.

I certainly am not very domestic either….  (don’t ask me to cook for you- eek).

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t understand mom guilt.  

Or struggling with balance as a woman of any circumstance.

I still push myself too hard.  I still stress about perception.  My feelings are still hurt when I’m misunderstood.  And I still wonder if I'm doing this 'balance' thing in the best possible way... 

 The best antidote for stress?  Purposeful Passion!

I chose to work with women because I see them and they see me.  Really see me.

They fill my purpose cup until it overflows.

So, let me ask you….

Are you choosing the demographic you are working with in your practice carefully?

Are you considering what fills your purpose cup?

Are you ok with the fact that you might not personally be experiencing the exact same lifestyle as your ideal patient? 

Because guess what….some of my best coaching moments in the past have been with dudes.  Yep, you heard  me right.  A bunch of dudes have asked me if I would coach them too but I have politely declined just because right now my heart lies with filling this gap with women in our profession that I feel needs attention.

Are you willing to do the same with your practice?  Or are you still stuck with the BS in your head that says you couldn’t see only male athletes if that is what you are most passionate about because they wouldn’t relate with you?

Or the ever popular struggle with wanting to see families and market to Moms in your practice when you aren’t yet a Mom.

I’m here to tell you- every single human being relates to authenticity.  They can see and feel your passion if it’s genuinely there!

They care that you care.

 Refuse to make decisions about your practice and your future that hinge on someone else’s perception of your current life situation.

It’s a dangerous slippery slope….one I never want to see you slide down.

Show your community where your passion lies and watch your practice and life transform!


P.S. - To my ladies in Chiro... let's promise each other to honor and relate to women of all circumstances.  Together we rise.  


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