[episode 70] SEASON 2 FINALE: The Superwoman Struggle

Jun 02, 2022

“As a woman, you are here to be of service. Not to be served”

As much as this gives me a visceral reaction to read it, I can’t deny that it’s a thought process that lives in us epigenetically. It is in the cellular makeup, brought over from generations before us that told us our worth was only in what we could do for others. 

Logically - none of us believe that. But could those wounds of worth be bubbling up to the surface and affecting your daily life? 

In our final episode of season 2, I dig deep into this cross that women bear—and the ripple effect it can have both personally and professionally if the work is not done to confront the discomfort around it.  

Grab a pen and paper, because it’s time to do some genuine reflecting to see if you’re receiving the support you deserve. 

Journaling prompts from the episode:

  1. Where in my life do I feel the most drained and joyless?
  2. Where in my business/professional life do I feel the most drained and joyless?
  3. When imagining my life without this draining energy field, the following stories are what I’ve told myself about why it is not possible:
  4. This is what I would tell a friend that was telling herself the same story:
  5. What emotions or results will you experience when you conquer the story and invest in help?


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