[episode 68] The 2%: Dr. Elise Rigney

May 19, 2022

We’re back with another episode of the 2%— our segment on Illuminate Your Practice that shines a spotlight on the female chiropractors that have climbed their way to 7-figure success in practice. 

This week, we have someone very close to my heart— Dr. Elise Rigney! Dr. Elise is a graduate of Northwestern University and the founder/owner of Impact Chiropractic in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Our journeys have been intertwined since the early days as we navigated the entrepreneurial waters together. From opening her practice solely due to a line of credit against her family farm’s beef cattle, to the current day where she owns two locations bringing in almost $2M, her story is nothing short of aspirational.  

In this episode, she offers incredible wisdom on:

  • What to do when you hit your physical and energetic max in practice
  • When you want to change more lives in the community, but I don’t want that to be solely on your shoulders
  • How the right connections and customer service can grant you unlimited earning potential

More from Dr. Elise Rigney:

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