[episode 66] You are worthy of wealth w/ Cait Scudder

May 05, 2022

Cait Scudder is a high school teacher turned Forbes-featured multiple 7-figure Business Coach for women entrepreneurs. A TEDx speaker, host of the Born to Rise podcast, and internationally recognized online business expert, as well as a loving wife and mama to (soon to be) two under two.  

Cait’s mission is to empower ten million driven, bold-hearted women to uncover their zone of genius and use it to create a profitable, purpose-driven business that changes the world. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and Business Insider among several other publications. 

Cait and I met through our mastermind group, and I’ve always been envious of her ability to be BOLD. In life or online, Cait doesn’t shrink her presence or diminish her success for the comfort of others— something I’m still actively working on.  

Throughout the episode, Cait and I discuss: 

  • Unhooking and rewiring the money mindset story that wealth = bad/selfish
  • Taking the risk of paying out before it pays off
  • Being beautifully compensated for your works in the world

Find her on Instagram @CaitScudder or on her podcast where she shares all things business strategy, energy and sales to help you scale a profitable business.


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