[episode 65] The 2%: Dr. Nicole Lindsey

Apr 28, 2022

We’re back with another episode of the 2%— our segment on Illuminate Your Practice that shines a spotlight on the female chiropractors that have climbed their way to 7-figure success in practice. 

This week, we have the illustrious Dr. Nicole Lindsey!

Dr. Nicole graduated from Life University in 2001 and owns and operates a practice in Asheville, NC. In addition to practicing full time, she is the founder of Dominate ChiroMarketing, which is an online program designed to teach Chiropractors how to build profitable relationships with  MDs. 

Her mission? To bridge the gap between Chiropractors and Western Medicine to improve healthcare and help Chiropractors build successful practices. 

In this conversation with Dr. Nicole, we chronicle her 21-year journey in Chiropractic— from pre-med student doubts, to solo DC on bedrest, to full-on empire. 

In this episode, she offers incredible wisdom on:

  • The importance of taking risks
  • The incomparable experience of being an associate doc
  • The power of the ASK
  • How just one person believing in you can change your entire trajectory

I was left jaw-dropped for a good portion of this interview. Her creative drive, discipline and clear vision are like nothing I’ve encountered. I know you’ll enjoy listening to Dr. Nicole just as much as I enjoyed this chat with her. 

More from Dr. Nicole Lindsey:

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In this interview, Dr. Nicole mentioned several times how crucial it was to have coaching and support on her road to 7-figure success. Acknowledging you need support to get to the next milestone is one of the bravest moves you can make on your entrepreneurial journey. 

The Illuminated Squad is ready to supply you with the proven roadmap you need and the supportive community you crave.

Apply here to take your first step: https://www.theilluminatedsquad.com/apply


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