[episode 64] Thriving relationships, thriving business with Tiffany Gonzalez

Apr 21, 2022

Tiffany Gonzalez helps women grow and scale their own small businesses with ease and flow. With a decade of experience running her own small business, she loves empowering women to find their stride and create more freedom, flexibility and income without giving up balance. She’s also one of my dear friends. 

One of the core things Tiffany teaches is how imperative it is to have healthy relationships personally to grow your business professionally.  On this episode (which felt like a good therapy session, honestly), we hold a very purposeful conversation around the holistic thought process that your life and business are intimately interwoven, and your business can’t fully thrive while the relationships around you are receiving minimum energy.  

Throughout the episode, Tiffany offers wisdom on: 

  • How the principles of holistic, natural living can help you break free of conventional business practices
  • How healing your nervous system can push you out of black-or-white functioning and get you living comfortably in the gray
  • How to identify when you or your spouse are operating in fight-or-flight, and how to foster the productive conversations to bring you back to alignment

To learn more about Tiffany’s offerings, go to her website CoachWithTiff.com. She can be found on Instagram at @thetiffanygonzalez.


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