[episode 61] The 5 Non-Negotiables of Building a Successful Biz

Mar 31, 2022

Starting another business in late 2021 was a great litmus test in seeing which new business strategies are still as applicable today as when I started my practice in 2007. 

I’ve narrowed down the 5 integral building blocks of starting a business that have stood the test of time so you can hit the ground running when opening your practice. 

Some things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Which path you should explore if the “numbers” side of opening a practice makes you cringe
  • Why a traditional business plan may not serve you, and how you can amp it up
  • How I’m still reaping the benefits of the ONE THING I did right when starting up  


Show references:  The 2%: Lauryn Brunclik


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