[episode 50] Releasing Energy for a Healthier, More Authentic Life

Oct 14, 2021

Showing a little bit of vulnerability with this one…

But lately I’ve been REALLY struggling with a shortness of breath.

And often as providers (let me know if you relate to this) we have so much knowledge that it can become overwhelming to know where to start and who to listen to when it comes to our own health. 

But recently I had an a-ha moment that my shortness of breath is coming from something much deeper…

Today’s podcast episode is a bit of a vulnerable storytime, but it’s also a lesson in how our physical symptoms always have an energetic root cause. 

And I hope it will be an open invitation for you to look inward at what you need to release to live your healthiest, most authentic life, too. 

Here’s the link to Episode 22: Healing Bodies with an Imperfect Body

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