[episode 43] So, I did a thing...

Aug 19, 2021

I’ve finally taken the plunge on something I’ve been silently dreaming of for a year now... Will it shock you? Likely, yes. Am I beyond excited? Also yes!

In this episode I’ll reveal my newest endeavor, how it lights me up inside, and why you should follow your arrow wherever it points. 


🚨 ​​BREAKING: On average, members of the Illuminated Squad that have been with us for 1 year + have grown their collections by 82%...!!

The amazing thing is...it’s not outrageous to see results like this when you’re in a group of like-minded women who uplift you every day. It’s the average. 

Thursday, August 19th is the last day to join your Illuminated Squad and save $100 on your first month of membership!

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