[episode 34] Sharing Your Health Beliefs with Patients

Jun 24, 2021

“I’m afraid that people will see me as weird, crazy, or a 'quack' if I say what I really think.” How many of us can relate to that sentiment?

As health professionals in a world where the mainstream population doesn’t align with our views, it sometimes feels easier to hide than to speak our truth. For fear of misunderstanding. For fear of rejection. For fear of discontinuation of care. 

Or maybe you’re loud and proud, sharing your truth to anyone who walks through your doors.

Either way you lean, there is a very delicate balance to be considered when sharing our views and thoughts. Effectively sparking their curiosity, but not overwhelming them nor coming from an angle of judgment.

I’ve definitely made many mistakes in this arena, but I believe I’ve fallen forward enough to have finally landed on a refined approach that has opened many patient minds, while protecting my own beliefs and integrity in the process. 

In this episode, I share my stumbles on this rocky road and some tips on how to feel both confident and congruent in your approach going forward.


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