[episode 15] Owning Your Authority with the Power of Media w/ Lynya Floyd

Feb 11, 2021

Lynya Floyd is the senior media coach for Selena Soo’s Impacting Millions program, where she works with entrepreneurs, coaches and experts who want to elevate their status using the power of the media. She has helped clients land stories in media outlets like Forbes, Well + Good, Yoga Journal, Fast Company, Entrepreneur on Fire and more. Lynya has nearly two decades of experience working in the media as an editor at magazines including Glamour, Essence, Family Circle, Seventeen (so she clearly knows her stuff!)

Lynya helps us (yes, me included) tackle some of the mental blocks that hold us back from reaching out to the media. She guides us on how we can properly communicate our health philosophy in a publicity space, and unveils her tips and tricks to land some amazing, local PR.

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More ways to catch Lynya...
Impacting Millions Program
Follow her on IG at @lynyafloyd
If you're interested in 1-1 publicity training with Lynya, email [email protected]


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