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More Passion. More Profit.

Join us in the Illuminated Squad for the proven roadmap you need & the supportive community you crave...

Enrollment for the Illuminated Squad will open soon!


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Your Personalized Action Plan

You’ll work one-on-one with a coach to assess where you’re at, where you want to go, and how we’re going to get you there.

Community & Connection

Connect to your community through weekly coaching calls & 24/7 access to your exclusive Facebook Group of lady chiros.

Analytics Advantage

Unlike other coaching programs, we’ll look at your analytics monthly to provide customized reporting & forecasting with personalized next steps from our CFO.

Illuminated Learning Library

Enjoy your own content library with hundreds of training videos, including my proprietary practice growth formula, at your fingertips. It’s like Google for chiros.

The Illuminated Squad IS for you if...

  • You’re open minded, coachable and willing to try new approaches
  • You consistently see AT LEAST 40-50 PVs/per week
  • You’re excited to be a part of a tight knit community of women who are consciously creating their businesses and lives
  • You’re ready for growth as a person and a business

The Illuminated Squad is NOT for you if...

  • You’re not open to feedback
  • You won't be starting your practice for at least a year
  • You’d prefer to not be surrounded by women who are in pursuit of their dreams
  • You’re not open to change and would prefer everything stay exactly as it is


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What You Get When You Join...

When you join the Illuminated Squad you’ll immediately receive a welcome email with all of your intake materials and directions for next steps.

You’ll receive: 

  • A detailed business health history survey to fill out and a request for your financials, practice statistics, and marketing calendar so we can take a deep look at what’s happening in your business. Think of this as if you’re a new patient and this is our first appointment. Our job is to get a holistic understanding of you and your business so we can come up with the best care plan possible for your business to thrive. ($1000 value)
  •  An Awareness and Action Plan based on your intake materials that goes over all of our specific recommendations based on everything you sent over. Then, we’ll hop on a 1:1 Zoom Call to go over everything and make sure you’re crystal clear on your action steps. ($1000 value
  • Access to The Inside Out Framework which walks you through our step by step process to grow your business which you can go through at your own pace. ($997 value) 
  • 4 Weekly Group Coaching Calls per month where you’ll learn techniques to streamline your business, ask any questions or address any business (and sometimes life!) concerns that have been coming up, receive individualized support, and connect with the Illuminated Squad. ($1997 value)
  • An invite to our Private Online Community where we stay in touch between calls, ask for support, and cheer each other on! (#Priceless)


The value of the Illuminated Squad is easily over $5000 just for the first month alone! 

Above down, inside out. 

It applies to more than the body…

Hear me out. 

Your chiropractic practice is an extension of you. 

In this case, you are ‘above’, your choices are ‘down’, the ‘inside’ is your business, and the ‘out’ is how it interacts with the world. 

You’ve likely landed on this page because you want MORE for your business. More flow, more ease, more profit. Maybe more patients? Definitely more money… 

And I’m here to tell you that it’s TOTALLY POSSIBLE. 

Hi, I’m Dr. Krysti Wick, creator of the Illuminated Squad and Owner + CEO (and practicing family chiropractor) of River Shores Chiropractic, a multi Doc, high volume practice in small town Wisconsin that has grown over 500% in the past 6 years with no signs of slowing down. 

Here’s the deal: 

As DCs, we’re expected to be both a healers AND entrepreneurs. And while we all went to school to learn the healing part… no one taught us how to run and grow a business. 

The truth is, you can have a thriving practice. 

You can grow from ‘making ends meet’ to ‘ok, I got this’ to ‘holy moly I didn’t think it could be this good!’

You can have loyal team members with longevity who love working in the collaborative environment you’ve cultivated. 

You can grow your profit margins, serve your community, AND keep your sanity. 

How do you do it? 

(Hint: A 4-letter acronym that starts with A and ends with DIO) 

Answer: With an Inside Out Approach. 

Maybe right now you’re feeling:

  • Stuck. You’ve been in a revenue plateau for years and just can’t seem to get ahead. You’re sick of barely making ends meet. You’re a doctor after all, shouldn’t you be rollin’ in the dough?
  • Tired. You’ve been work work work work work-in’ (yes, that’s meant to be read in Rihanna’s voice) for years nonstop. You’ve been giving it your all, have lost track of boundaries, and while you’re no stranger to hard work (hello, you’re a doctor), you’ve gone so far that you’re officially burnt out.
  • Annoyed. At yourself for not being able to figure this out, at the industry that’s pushing growth tactics that don’t feel right to you, and honestly, at the world for giving you these amazing healing gifts and big dreams but making it so damn hard for you to make the big vision happen. 

Well, my friend. I’ve got news. 

These feelings (or current realities), are subluxations, and we're here to help you adjust. 

Just like your body, with the right attention, your business can heal and thrive. 

And, just like your body, sometimes it takes some help.

I grew my practice by over 40%, created some badass boundaries that in turn created more emotional freedom...but the biggest of all, this is the first time in a long time I actually feel proud of ME and the clinic!
- Dr. Christelle Vang, Blaine, MN

Portrait of Nikki Titman

Meet the Illuminated Squad Coaches

Hey again! It's me, Krysti

As creator of The Illuminated Squad and The Inside Out Framework, facilitating the Illuminated Squad is one of my greatest joys. To date, I’ve helped hundreds of DCs increase their revenue, streamline their systems, and feel GOOD running their businesses. I can say with 100% honesty that the magic that happens inside of the Illuminated Squad is next level. Witnessing women grow as people and business owners is a gift and I’m beyond grateful to get to share my proven strategies with such wonderful people. If you’re ready to heal and grow your business, I’m here to help.

The nitty gritty: Dr. Krysti attended UW-Madison for her undergrad and graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2007. Immediately upon graduation, she opened her practice River Shores Chiropractic, in West Bend, WI. She now loves coming to work everyday in her high volume family practice with 2 amazing female Associate Docs.


Recognizing that so many women DC’s face unique challenges, Amy decided to combine her love of coaching with her years of personal experience and join Dr. Krysti on the Illuminated Squad mission. Her passion lies in helping women tap into their authenticity, define their own version of success, overcome unique challenges, and strategically create the practice and life we all deserve!

The nitty gritty: Amy graduated from Michigan Tech University where she attended on a volleyball scholarship. She then graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2003. She is CCSP certified, Webster Certified, has had ICPA training and is also a member of CSW. She practices in Kenosha, WI with an amazing team including a female Associate Doc.


Surrounding herself with women mentors early on in practice made such a lasting impact on Alisha that she has decided to share her love of helping others by joining Dr. Krysti as an Advisor with the Illuminated Squad. Her desire is to help other women chiropractors overcome their challenges in their practice and their personal life to create an amazing life in and out of the office.

The nitty gritty: Alisha graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelor's in Chemistry. She is a Life University 1998 graduate and has a Diplomate in pediatrics and prenatal care by the ICPA as well as a Webster Technique certification. She practices in Raleigh, NC with her associate and fantastic CA team.


With a natural gift for caring for others, transitioning her skills to coaching and caring for other female DCs has been a breeze. 

Dr. Andrea is thrilled to join her chiropractic partner in crime (she and Krysti work side by side daily in practice;) on their collective mission to support chiro women as they race towards their dreams. 

She is an expert at patient communication, retention, and family based care in a high volume multi-doc model. 

The nitty gritty:  Dr. Andrea attended Texas A & M for undergrad and then went on to graduate from Parker College of Chiropractic in 2009.  She then established her own private practice in Brookfield, WI and worked there for several years prior to Dr. Krysti begging her to sell and come work with her in 2015.  (Not joking, Dr. Krysti literally gave her a job offer in a Kohl's ;). The rest is history. 

Are you ready to Illuminate your path from your current reality to the reality you dream of? 

I wanted to thank you for giving me the courage to find my voice.  I want to thank you for inspiring me to lean in to my gifts instead of hiding them from the world. The world needs more of me just like the world needs more of you. You helped me realize that and continue to inspire me every single day.
- Dr. Nikki Titman, FULTON, NY

Portrait of Nikki Titman

Have Questions? We have answers...

No longer do I feel I’m spinning my wheels now that I have the Illuminated Squad in my corner. Investing in myself allows me to be the absolute best for my patients!

Kimmie C., Daleville, VA

Portrait of Kimmie C

I am not sure where I would be without this amazing group. I can honestly say I have built some amazing relationships with women all over the country. I feel supported, empowered, and free to be myself.

Nicole K., Brookfield, WI

With the support and direction of Dr. Krysti and the Squad, I bought, renovated, and moved into a larger office in a 3 month period, hired an associate doctor, and hit 500k in collections (which was a 3 year goal!)

Casey L., Wittenberg, WI

I see you and I want you to know...

You can do this.
You can transform your current business into the one you dream of.
In fact, I believe that if you were called to this profession, you’re meant to. 

We as Chiropractors know about the body’s ability to heal more than anyone and your business works the same way.

Enrollment for the Illuminated Squad will open soon!


Get on our email list now to get first dibs access when doors re-open: