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Inside Out Masterclass:

The Secret to Growing Your Practice While
Squashing Your Stress

You’re a brilliant doctor, you know the drill. #ADIO


The symptoms:

  • Revenue and profit numbers that always seem to be lower than the goals you’ve set

  • A lack of support in (and out of!) the office, which leaves you exhausted from running in circles doing ALL. THE. THINGS.

  • Overwhelm, burnout, exhaustion, repeat!

Here’s the thing; we both know that healing happens from the inside out... 

And I have good news, the same is true for your business.

In this FREE Masterclass for DCs you’ll learn:

  • The 3 subluxations to adjust for increased profit and decreased burnout
  • The exact strategy I’ve taught hundreds of DCs to get out of their income plateau and consistently grow
  • The most common mistake I see DCs making when it comes to growing their businesses and how to avoid it


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I’m Dr. Krysti Wick

I'm the creator of the Illuminated Squad (a Chiropractic Coaching experience for women-identifying DCs) and Owner + CEO (and practicing family chiropractor) of River Shores Chiropractic— a multi doc, high volume practice in small town Wisconsin that has grown over 500% in the past 6 years with no signs of slowing down (even though the COVID madness had us trying to catch our breath a bit!) #youarenotalone. Over the last 4+ years, I’ve helped hundreds of functional chiropractors build their teams, increase their profit, and live joyful lives. 

Ready to heal your practice and life from the Inside Out? 

It all starts with this masterclass...

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I grew my practice by over 40%, created some badass boundaries that in turn created more emotional freedom...but the biggest of all, this is the first time in a long time I actually feel proud of ME and the clinic!

Dr. Christelle Vang

Blaine, MN

Dr. Christelle Vang

Blaine, MN

I see you and I want you to know...

You can do this. You can transform your current business into the one you dream of. In fact, I believe that if you were called to this profession, you’re meant to. 

We as Chiropractors know about the body’s ability to heal more than anyone and your business works the same way.


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